To think positive: as to face the adversities

To think positive: as to face the adversities

The positive thought can also be learned by the poetries, bring followings some that can help us to reestablish in us the positive thought of it!

The stone.

“The distracted person stumbles you.
That violent, has used him as you arms.
The entrepreneur has used him to build.
The tired farmer instead as chair.
For his children it is a toy.
Davide kills Golia and Michelangelo you did the most beautiful sculpture of it.
In every case, difference has not made her the stone but the man.

Stone doesn’t exist in your walk that you cannot exploit for your growth.”


This poetry teaches that every adversity can help us in our personal growth!

“The most beautiful day? Today.
 The greatest obstacle? The fear.
 The easiest thing? To be wrong.
 The greatest error? To abdicate.
 The root of all the evil? The egoism.
 The best distraction? The job.
 The worse defeat? The discouragement.
 The best professionals? His/her children.
 The first need? To communicate.
 The greatest happiness? To be useful to the others.
 The greatest mystery? The death.
 The worse defect? The bad mood.
 The most dangerous person? That that lies.
 The ugliest feeling? The grudge.
 The most beautiful gift? The pardon.
 That essential? The family.
 The best rout? The correct street.
 The most pleasant feeling? The internal peace.
 The best reception? The smile.
 The good medicine? The optimism.
 The greatest satisfaction? The finished duty.
 The greatest strength? The faith.
 The most necessary people? The priests.
 The most beautiful thing of the world? The love.”

(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


“It finds time to work: it is the price of the success.
It finds time to think: it is the source of the power.
It finds time to play: it is the secret of the eternal youth.
It finds time to read: it is the base of the wisdom.
It finds time for the friendship: it is the road of the happiness.
It finds time to dream: it is to attach your wagon to a star.
It finds time to love and to be beloved: it is the privilege of the dèis.
It finds time to help the others: the day is too much breve to be stingy.
It finds time to laugh: it is the music of the soul.”

(Irish exhortation)


“I went to the woods because I desired to live with wisdom, to forehead of the solos essential facts of the life, and to see if I could learn what I had to teach, instead of discovering, on the point to die, that I had not lived indeed never.”

(Henry David Toureau)

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