Strawberries: directly in the balcony of your house

Strawberries: directly in the balcony of your house

What is there of better whether to go on the balcony of proper house and to pick up the strawberries?
Here are the passages to be done if we want to have our strawberries bio in the balcony:

  • all it takes is taking a vase of dimensions I mediate/great, better if of crock because it maintains the correct degree of damp, the vases in plastics in the summer they excessively heat the roots and in winter they expose the plants to the risk cold, it also needs to buy the relative saucer to contain the water in excess when we sprinkle and that it will serve to the plant as reserve of water in the warmest days;
  • to give him some seedlings of strawberries (they are also found in the shops of hobbistica or in the specialized shops but to always make sure that the plants are still green and fresh);
  • to buy some soil.

It is necessary to take the vase, holding under the vase the relative saucer, we will put in the fund some soil and then we will abandon our seedlings of strawberries and we will put other soil around the seedlings themselves.

Made this operation we can put the seedlings in the balcony and we will slightly water her.

The ideal position for the strawberries is a sunny balcony, in the summer we can eat our buonissimes strawberries bio and they will remain also for the following year, rather if we will have been good the following years they will be multiplied.

Another plant that can be planted in vase and to which serves the sun they are the tomatoes, also the tomatoes can directly be purchased in seedling in the specialized shops and exactly planted in vase as the strawberries.

Also the peperoncinis are well in a sunny balcony.

If you have better instead a non sunny balcony plant in vase lies, basil, melissa, salad, all plants with the leaves that have a preference for the shade.

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